“Start. See What Happens.”

About a year ago, I went to listen to someone speak on campus and the main remark I remember from that entire hour was the speaker’s favorite quote:

“Start. See what happens.”

Too often, I, at least feel like “I’m not ready” for whatever it is I’m trying to do. But if not now, when will I ever be ready? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year, even?

I put off writing all the time because I don’t feel I’m ever ready. I have literal notebooks upon notebooks full of ideas, plans, character sketches, world building, and the like for the things I dream of writing but never feel prepared or qualified enough to write.

The same thing goes for starting a blog. I put off this blog for years (and even had a false start or two) simply because I never felt prepared. But if not now, then when will I ever be? Sometimes, the most important thing is simply to start and see where it goes.

There are generally two thought processes regarding new years resolutions: the people who are all for resolutions and starting new things and then those who are pessimistic about this whole “New Years Resolution” thing simply because it fails so frequently.

In my opinion, even if you fail and fall flat on your face, at least you tried. So, it may sound cliché, but I want to encourage others as well as myself to try new things and take risks this year.

Start. Then see what happens from there.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If you want to know more about this blog and my plans for it, check the “About” section.


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