“Crafted Dissonance”

In music (simply put), “dissonance” is when the notes are not harmonious. We witness dissonance in all forms of art. So, that’s that this blog is about. The dissonance that’s crafted in art forms: books and games, specifically. As well as the dissonance in life. It’s about conflict as well as harmony, real and imaginary.

Speaking plainly, this blog will contain discussions of books and video games as well as the occasional topic and observation on my own life and perceptions. Finally, I will also post my own “crafted dissonance”: short stories, poems, excerpts from my own writing and answers to various prompts I stumble across.


I’m a twenty-one year old college student. I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and gaming. I’m a double major in Family Science and Writing.

I hope to attend Graduate School in the next two years and get a masters degree in social work or in marriage and family therapy.


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