Blade & Soul Review

Approximately a week into playing, and having played every day for a few hours, I’ve generated a decent enough idea of how I feel about Blade & Soul. So, here is my brief review of Blade & Soul.

Blade & Souls Classes & Races | Source: 
  1. Characters [Class, Race, Creation, and Other]

As of now, I have three characters: a force master Yun, a summoner Lyn, and an assassin Jin. I absolutely love all three of my characters. I loved making them, I love the classes, and I love playing them. The character creator in B&S is amazing and I love all of the customization options. They also make it very easy to see your character in different lights, settings, and even a size comparison to other character races.

The character creator is easily described as in-depth. (Although I think Black Desert Online, upon release, will out-do the B&S character creator.)

My biggest gripe when it comes to characters is the fact that you only start with 2 character slots. With so many class choices, and all of them ridiculously fun, I can’t help but be a little bit upset at the small amount of slots. Now, I’ve played a lot of MMOs and I feel like this is the most restrictive game I’ve ever played when it comes to character slots.

2. Combos & Battles

This has to be the primary reason that I love this game. It plays different than your typical MMO and is very combo based. Of the three classes I’ve tried, my favorites are the ones that have tricky combos and interesting mechanics.

Sure, who doesn’t love occasionally wrecking everything you come across as the summoner? But there is an undeniable appeal to the hard work in a drawn-out battle that requires some skill in mechanics.

Honestly, I’m not even into PvP but I can see why Blade & Soul has a huge e-sports PvP scene in Korea. Battling is plainly just fun.

3. The Story

Jiwan: The Righteous Blade | Source:

When I first started playing, I never expected to be so invested in the story. The story is amazing and it’s a shame some players skip right over it.

Yes, the story (and game for that matter), are very VERY anime but even if you aren’t a huge anime fan the story is great. No spoilers- but there are moments that tugged at my heart strings and moments that motivated me to anger in response to some characters. I haven’t come close to finishing the story yet, but I look forward to continuing to follow the story.

Of course, all that said, the story does not give reason for there to be many copies of yourself running around in the world. In fact, it is almost better suited for a single-player game as your character plays a role of the archetypal “chosen one.” But, despite this very obvious short-coming, I still feel that the story enriches the experience of Blade and Soul.

4. Cash Services and Shop

Now, I know that cash services and shops are necessary for games to continue being hosted and developed and taken care of, but I’m a little bit salty about the cash services. In general, they aren’t terrible. Things appear to be mostly reasonably prices and the items in there are fair.

However, I don’t feel like they were prepared for launch. I had bought coins and never received them and I was far from the only person. Aside from that, I still don’t think there should be only two character slots.

But overall, those are my only real gripes with the cash shop.

Have you played Blade & Soul? What are your thoughts on the game?



The Draw of MMOrpgs

My New Blade & Soul Character

I’ve decided to dive back into the world of MMOrpgs. Well…. sort of? I haven’t been playing them much in the past few years but I recently had to do a lot of research on the best MMOs coming out this year for an article I wrote for another website and it made me very excited to play them again – all of them. Or, at least, the good ones.

I’m going to explore the main reason I want to return to MMOrpgs and the games that I’m trying to spend some time playing – hopefully to find the proper fit. Anyone have any suggestions?

The community has always been the biggest draw of MMOs to me. So, by returning to games I’ve played very little of before, I’m hoping to find community again because it’s not like I have an entire community of friends on them anymore. I’ve made some of my best friends on the MMO Mabinogi during my high school years and now that I’m older, and the genre is older, the culture of MMO interactions has seemed to change.

Many of the interactions now are utilitarian. Gone, it seems, are the days where individuals spontaneously begin conversation. Dungeons are silent, guilds are “hellos” and “goodbyes”… occasionally, and party chats are purpose-driven only.

That being said, my most recent MMO experiences have been on World of Warcraft where much of the community-aspect seems to have been shut down by the automatic party finders and the community that, though still large, is non-committal and doesn’t seem to fill the world as much as it used to.

But maybe it’s the nostalgia that leaves me hoping that one day I’ll join a guild again where there is a small community of people who just casually talk to each other while playing. (Maybe I just need to find the right game or make my own guild again.)

I spent this last week downloading (or redownloading) all the MMOs that I know to be good or that I’m interested in trying (again or for the first time). But I only consistently play any ones with my already-established online friends (well, really just my boyfriend and his best friend).

But really, there’s nothing quite like the MMO community (when and if you find it).

New Tera Character – (Trying Clothes)

I’ll be switching between a few MMOs I think over the next month or two. Right now I’m trying to play Blade and Soul, Tera, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and Archeage.

I’m jumping around between the few but am open to playing others and with other people. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment, I would love to read them!