Stonehearth: A Short Alpha Review


Stonehearth | Souce:

I will admit, I haven’t played as much Stonehearth as I would want before making a review, but I absolutely love this game and wanted to share it.

The game sat on my wishlist for a long time before I finally got around to buying it and I’m glad that I did. Still in alpha stages, the game is far from finished but I’m happy that I will get to be a part of its development and I will get to actively watch the game grown over time.

-And believe me, the game is growing.

I’ve spent some time watching the development streams and am astonished at how dedicated Radiant games is. On their website, they have a road map including a multiplayer aspect, game master, world generation, monsters & denizens, classes, buildings, engine & tech. (Found: here)

The team seems very focused on listening to their community and making a very interesting and fun game that I would highly recommend. Although, if bugs and kinks bother you, you might want to wait until the game is fully released to buy the game. If you like to be a part of something as it grows from development, I suggest jumping on the wagon now.

Either way, you can check it out on Steam and see what you think or, if you want to see the game before playing it, check out the dev stream on twitch: here.

I hope to be able to give a better review in the future when there are more features and as I follow the development of the game. But, for now, I’ll leave it at this.

Have you tried Stonehearth? Let me know your thoughts!


Indie Games

I am by no means an expert on Indie games. I have only recently been more heavily traversing the world of indie games while browsing online. I can’t give any full reviews or talk too much at length about the topic. But I’d like to touch on it a little bit.

Now, I’ve played Minecraft back when it was still technically an “indie”. Obviously, now it isn’t. But it’s one of the finest and most well-known examples of an Indie. In addition to Minecraft, I’ve also picked up a couple random self-labeled indie games and given them a shot. That’s about the extent of my Indie-playing.

I think Indie games are overall a major hit or miss. Before I buy them I try to look up reviews and gameplay.

Last night, even, I was considering buying an indie called “Forced”. (The indie studio that made it has a very interesting story if you want to read it: here) It got my attention because it was 85% off on Steam, a co-op, and had mostly positive reviews. It looked at least somewhat interesting and is a play style I’ve never necessarily tried before. So I decided to go for it. My friends and I played about 40 minutes last night before retiring. Though that certainly isn’t enough to get a good idea about the game my overall impression is just like the reviews – mostly positive. Though the controls are something to get used to I find the game to be pretty polished for an indie game. I want to play more and get to the harder levels before I have a final opinion on the game. The first few levels were pretty easy, but according to the actual reviews the game is going to get much harder later on down the road.

It’s sometimes hard to tell if an Indie game is going to be worth it or not. I think that the majority of the time you’re going to be going out on a limb when buying an Indie. Sometimes, this is incredibly rewarding while other times it can be very disappointing. But, I think if you’re going to try them out you’re going to have to be prepared for it to go either way.

Of course, you can always make an educated purchase of an indie game by researching it and paying attention to reviews that you trust. (In the future I hope to be reviewing all sorts of games, including Indie titles!)

What indie games have you played? Are you overall impressed by them or disappointed? Would you buy indies again? Which ones would you recommend? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!